Cramassouri canyon

Canyoning near Nice, the ideal activity to recharge your batteries with your family !!!

This half-day activity is fun and picturesque, making it a favorite among families and more advanced adventurers alike.

We will take a 15-minute walk to get to the entryway of the canyon where participants will be able to partake in a number of activities: from abseiling to “canyon jumping” to “water sliding”.




* 50€
Useful information
  • Activity time: 15 min approach - 1H30 on average in the canyon
  • Required: know how to swim
  • Equipment needed: A pair of sneakers with laces and notched soles, a swimsuit,
  • a towel for after the activity
  • If video option don't forget a 4 GB mini SD card

Free photos and videos option 30 euros

If asthma problems thank you for taking your ventolin, any special medical problems should be reported. (operations, prostheses, joint weaknesses…)

Ailéments reserves the right to cancel or to be a little late on the outing, according to the conditions of practice at the time, for safety reasons.

8 people maximum for 1 monitor – 4 people minimum for an outing

* 45 euros for groups of 6 or more people.