Back to the roots for nature sensations

Gorges du loup paradis

A good dose of fresh air and adventure is what Ailéments offers you. We believe that everyone needs to connect with nature on a regular basis. To awaken all your senses and become one with it. In this difficult period this need is all the more present as everyone has been confined to his or her own home since March 17th. But rest assured, we have done the hardest part, and soon everyone will be able to regain some freedom! What to do with this freedom, you may ask? You may already have some ideas, otherwise here is what Ailéments can offer you! For this return to the great outdoors, we have selected our most beautiful outings in the Alpes-Maritimes. A subtle mix between the elements: earth, water and air, for your greatest pleasure!

We start with a special mention for this mix between hiking and paragliding. Hike and Fly, a unique moment where you will discover the Cheiron massif on the ground as well as in the air. Located a few dozen kilometers as the crow flies from the French Riviera, the Cheiron peaks offer a magnificent view of the Mercantour and its snowy peaks. You can enjoy this panorama during your ascent on the crests, a small not very sporty walk of one hour awaits you! Arrival at take-off, after a short briefing you will be ready to take off. Accompanied by our instructors you will be able to admire the azure Prealps and the glittering Mediterranean waters. We will then fly over the typical village of Gréolieres before landing. A magical moment in an alpine setting, perfect for getting back to the great outdoors !

An outdoor adventure through the high peaks, just a stone's throw from Nice !

Refreshing and playful, the Canyon du Loup for young and old !

Canyonind dans le loup

Then, to satisfy your desire for adventure, Ailéments takes you to discover the Gorges du Loup, a green and fresh setting just a stone’s throw from the Côte d’Azur. This canyon was selected by our team of instructors for its versatility. Whether you are with your family with children from 8 years old or with friends looking for a fun moment with more sensations, it is made for you. It will also seduce you by its aesthetic side, beautiful turquoise basins lined with vertiginous ochre cliffs. Canyoning, if you don’t know it, consists in going down a canyon or narrow river by walking and swimming, but also in passing obstacles in a playful way. We can find jumps, abseiling descents and slides in this one in particular. One of the great advantages of this canyon is that no obstacles are obligatory, we can easily go around them, the main thing is to have a good time !!!

The Alpes-Maritimes for nature sports all year round !

Enjoying a Mediterranean climate, the 06 region is a paradise for nature lovers. We are lucky to be able to paraglide in the mountains in the morning, then go down to the coast for a little snorkeling trip in the afternoon ! With Nice airport, we welcome you from all over the world. You will be less than an hour away from paragliding and canyoning departures around Gréolieres. Organize yourself a little weekend in the sun to enjoy our beautiful region, for your nature outings Ailéments takes care of everything !!!
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