These villages which make the charm of the French Riviera

Particularly appreciated by tourists in the summer season, the Mediterranean coast is every year taken over by bathers in search of sun and relaxation. Far from being limited to beautiful sandy beaches, the charm of the French Riviera is also embodied in these small villages perched high up in the mountains that one takes pleasure in visiting during a detour on the winding roads of the hinterland…. If you go a little higher, you will discover places as atypical as they are wild, offering privileged access to 100% natural activity sites. At Ailéments, we suggest that you swap your beach towel for a good pair of sneakers for a canyoning or paragliding session on the French Riviera. The opportunity or never to get off the beaten track, discovering the Provencal villages that make the splendor of our region. Are you following us?

Bapteme parapente greolieres

Gréolières, the medieval village par excellence

Far from the hustle and bustle of the coast, the small medieval village of Gréolières located on the Cheiron mountain is only an hour’s drive from Nice. Here you will find everything that makes the charm of these picturesque villages that we love so much: narrow streets, stone houses, castle, shady terraces, remains and historical monuments to discover during a guided tour offered by the Tourist Office.

In the country of Grasse the flower is in the honor

Perfume museum, perfumed naps, jasmine festival, the tone is set: in Grasse, we like to celebrate what makes the city famous: perfume. There are historic perfume factories that open the doors of their factories to present, through educational workshops, each step of the perfume manufacturing process. The Provencal town is full of perfume plants that are among the emblematic flowers of the south of France: mimosa, orange blossom, jasmine, rose and many others.

Coursegoules, authentic and warm

Let’s take more and more height in the direction of the high country of Venice to discover Coursegoules. This commune located more precisely in the north of Vence gathers nearly 500 inhabitants. Rich of a singular history and impregnated with rural culture, Coursegoules is an old defensive village where you can observe Celto-Ligurian vestiges, precious witnesses of the past centuries. Here numerous gîtes await you for a break in the heart of the wooded mountains. If the site is famous for its hiking trails, there are also many rivers where you can refresh yourself. For the more adventurous, the best is still to discover the village from the sky at the occasion of a paragliding baptism in the 06.

Under the ground or in the air, Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey remains unmissable.

Let’s continue our escapade in the heart of Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey which is also one of the recognized paragliding sites in the Alpes-Maritimes. Between sea and mountains, this bucolic village is built on a limestone plateau and surrounded by wooded areas where the Thiey mountain and the Malle plan – which culminate at more than 1000 meters above sea level – are born. From the top of these mountains, the panoramic view that overlooks the village makes you feel like being big. But for those who prefer enclosed spaces, a visit to the underground passages is a must in Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey. The Baume-Obscure caves are almost 800 meters long. It is an invitation to explore a new world through playful visits combining sound and light to create a 100% immersive experience.

Gourdon, the eagle's nest nest nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

To finish our tour of the picturesque villages of the French Riviera, we’ll visit an exceptional place that is worth a visit in more ways than one. Listed as one of the 149 most beautiful villages in France, Gourdon is nestled at the top of a 760-meter peak. Nicknamed “the eagle’s nest”, it overlooks the Loup Valley and offers visitors a breathtaking view of the entire coastline from Nice to Théoule. In the heart of the village, numerous galleries, potteries, glassworks and local shops present Provencal products. In front of the village, the canyon of Courmes offers a succession of natural waterfalls ranging from 30 to 60 meters to practice abseiling. Typical and full of charm, Gourdon is a site that we highly recommend you to discover during a paragliding flight in the 06. Its opening, between sea and mountain, on the treasures of our hinterland will give you a beautiful glimpse of the variety of landscapes that can be found on the French Riviera.

Vol au dessus du village de Gourdon

Explore the splendours of the region by paragliding

In the air, on the ground as well as in the water, our canyoning and paragliding guides in Nice will lead you to discover the best sites of nature activities in the 06. From the heights of the hinterland in Gréolières or near Gourdon, we take you on the incredible adventure of paragliding flight. For initiation or improvement, the various sites of the French Riviera Pre-Alps are perfect. They are an open door to the splendor of the French Riviera. From the sky, you will be able to admire all these typical villages and their vestiges clinging to the mountains, the expanses of greenery and the beauty of the Mediterranean coasts. Accompanying you step by step and inviting you to take some distance to better appreciate the show, in all simplicity, this is our aspiration and this is why we practice our profession with great passion. Contact us to know more about our paragliding or canyoning excursions in the 06!