The pedagogy Ailéments, courses between analysis, sensations and individualization

Our team is firmly convinced that the learning of any discipline requires individualization, indeed it is important to have the ability to observe, question and propose an appropriate solution to each student. A lot of factors can be at the origin of an action which is not necessarily useful or even counter-productive in the realization of a technical gesture in paragliding as in canyoning. We all have a personality of our own with a feeling and therefore a gesture that adapts to the disciplines we practice. For example, a climber will have a greater tendency to squeeze and pull everything he grabs while a dancer will have more softness and lightness in the movements. This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, we just have to take into consideration this gesture in order to be as relevant as possible in their learning.

Parapente biplace pedagogique

The pleasure of learning nature sports in the Alpes-Maritimes

Based on Gréolieres Ailéments is at the heart of the practice sites, whether it is Canyoning, Climbing, Mountain Biking or Paragliding, we benefit from a strategic position in order to be as relevant as possible on the analysis and knowledge of the environment and conditions. With a Mediterranean climate, we can offer you all year round paragliding flights but also training courses to discover the activity or to progress in your progression. Whether canyoning or paragliding, we attach particular importance to learning in a playful way, learning through play is a very good way to seek sensations and acquire motor reflexes.

Learning in the field but not that !!! A subtle mix for a better practice

In many nature sports, the mental and emotional aspects are essential elements to be analysed for a more perennial practice. We therefore find it wise to put in place tools to progress on these axes. This involves observing one’s physical and mental state, but also a better understanding of the environment (morphology of the practice area, aerology, water movements, etc.) or increasing technical knowledge related to the activity (flight mechanics, rope techniques, material knowledge, etc.). Having taken all these factors into consideration, it also seems very important to us to listen to each other and remain humble in the face of the elements. The notion of margin and acceptance of not taking off or not entering the canyon is very important.