The ultralite 5, an ultra-light and ultra-compact glider in all sizes

The ultralite 5 is slightly lighter, and weighs in at under 2kg for 19m²! Two new sizes, 13 and 15 m2 , will complement the 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25 m2. In some sizes, the flight range has been extended. UL5 swells better. Fineness is better, about 0.8pt. And above all, the speed, 7km/h faster than the old one. It’s huge, it’s the biggest improvement on an Ozone wing, and all this with the same glide as the old one at 7km/h faster.
The wing is very solid, and at full speed you can put your hands between B and C, to steer at the back. Technological innovation and design ingenuity come together in the Ozone 5 ultralight paraglider. Its ultra-compact lightness is a head-turning feature, a real revolution in the world of free flight.

Not only does this make for easy transport, it also makes sail climbing a breeze. The materials used in its manufacture are carefully chosen for their durability and light weight. This combination results in a nimble machine capable of taking off in the mountains on very small take-offs, and ensures that you are picked up very quickly.

The real advantage here is Ozone’s ability to offer a novel flying experience without compromising safety. Lightness is not synonymous with fragility, far from it; on the contrary, it guarantees superior performance in terms of thermal ascent and maneuverability, and reduces the canopy’s inertia when moving along its various axes.

The Ozone 5 ultralight paraglider remains stable and controllable even in the most challenging aerological conditions, thanks to its highly resistant wing. It’s a precise, reliable and safe machine that provides thrills and peace of mind for the rider.

The Ozone 5 ultralight paraglider is much more than just a piece of sports equipment; it embodies the very evolution of free flight, combining cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance and sophisticated design.

The ultralite 5: even greater in-flight performance

Have you ever thought about the freedom of gliding through the skies with the ultralite 5 paraglider?

In terms of flight performance, this aerostatic jewel is a masterpiece. Its optimal lightness, coupled with sophisticated aerodynamic design, ensures majestic climbs and stable hovers. A technological breakthrough that allows pilots to explore the skies effortlessly. Particular attention has been paid to glide ratio, with the Ozone design team announcing a glide ratio of +0.8!

The ultralite 5 offers impressive maneuverability. In the sky, every turn is fluid and every descent a controlled aerial ballet.

Add to this its ability to withstand turbulence thanks to its innovative system of structural reinforcements, and you have a flying machine that sets a new standard in passive safety.

Not to mention a canopy optimized to reduce drag and maximize flight efficiency, Ozone’s ultralite 5 paraglider doesn’t just perform – it completely reshapes our understanding of free flight.

Ultralite 5 user comfort

The ultralite 5’s light weight is an undeniable asset in terms of user comfort. The ultralight paraglider slips easily into a rucksack, making it easy to transport over steep mountain terrain for your walks and flights. Its featherweight makes the glider easier to climb, and considerably improves the pilot’s grip on takeoff. The landing flare is very intuitive and guarantees safe landing anywhere in the mountains.

Once in the air, the genius of its design is fully revealed. The Ozone glider offers exceptional stability and intuitive handling, reassuring even paragliding novices. Note that it will be 7km/h faster than the ultralite 4. This ease of piloting enables the pilot to effectively exploit updrafts, optimizing performance.

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