Paragliding in Gréolieres in the Alpes-Maritimes

Discover paragliding in Greolières

The days are flying by, don’t you think? Caught up in the daily grind, we don’t take enough time to decompress, to let go. How about trading in those old habits for a breath of fresh air?

Here at Ailéments, we have found the ideal solution to combine work and passion. Our paragliding flights in Greolières and other majestic sites of the French Riviera offer us daily a shot of good humor and well-being. Keeping all these positive energies only for us would have been a bit selfish… That’s why we decided to exploit this pronounced taste for adventure and piloting in order to make our job : guides of
nature sports in the 06
. Summer and winter, we take you on a journey to discover unexplored corners in the heart of the mountains in the hinterland of Nice and Grasse. All this, from the sky of course!

Paragliding in Greolières yes, but not only!

Gréolières is a small town in the south of France. Located on the southern slope of the Cheiron mountain, it is very close to the Loup, a river that rises in the Audibergue mountain and flows into the Mediterranean between Cagnes-sur-Mer and Villeneuve Loubet. Greolières is also known for its paragliding spots. But before getting to the heart of the matter, let us tell you about this small village in the Alpes-Maritimes which is home to many wonders…

Gréolières : take off on an extraordinary paragliding site

Let’s get to the point. Greolières is indeed THE paragliding site par excellence. The terrain is ideal for a safe take-off and landing and the weather conditions are very often optimal. In short, it is the ideal place to live an incredible experience…

Paragliding flights in Greolières

After a
paragliding experience in Greolières
After a first flight, we propose you to go in expert mode thanks to our different flight formulas:

  • Get ready for a ski take-off! Paragliding on skis is a more than feasible option if you make a detour to Greolieres this winter. This fun activity offers another approach to tandem flight and is well worth the detour…
  • The ascent flight isa more sportive formula which takes your breath away. Practicable on the summits of Gréolières but also on other sites
    paragliding in Grasse
    and its surroundings, it offers a different approach of the activity. On a mountain slope or at the seaside, you are at one with nature and leave this day with a head full of good energy! Race to the takeoff, cross country, vertigo and adrenaline with your feet in the air are all there.
  • The prestige tandem flight is reserved for more experienced paragliding enthusiasts. If the take-off, landing and flight itinerary are to be determined according to the weather conditions, the Cheiron mountain lends itself perfectly to this very complete practice of paragliding. Meet us in the early morning to live this timeless experience, at the mercy of the wind, in total freedom;
  • Composed of qualified and experienced paragliding instructors, our team also offers educational flights on request with theoretical courses and piloting courses. If you are looking for a paragliding school, the commune of Greolières is an ideal playground for a course in the Alpes-Maritimes. Located 1 hour from Nice and Cannes, 40 minutes from Grasse, the village is very accessible by road and the site will allow you to have a global and complete vision of the paragliding activity.

We select the best paragliding sites on the French Riviera

If the paragliding site of Greolières impresses you, expect to see all the surprises that Ailéments’ instructors have in store for you… Between
paragliding over the Mediterranean Sea in Roquebrune
or in Monaco and flights in the countryside in the hinterland of Grasse or Nice, you have the choice. Less than an hour from Nice and Cannes, a wide variety of paragliding sites in the 06 are available to you. The question now is which one to choose…

We make you fly safely

It’s great to be able to enjoy it, but it must not be at the expense of safety, which remains our priority.

  • For that, we guarantee an equipment to the standards, regularly controlled;
  • The safety instructions mastered on the fingertips by our paragliding instructors in Greolières are transmitted to you before each flight;
  • The aerological and meteorological conditions and the flight altitude are carefully analyzed before each outing to avoid any unnecessary risk;
  • We are at your disposal and always favour dialogue and respect to ensure that your experience with us takes place in perfect conditions;
  • Also, Ailéments adheres to a quality charter, a guarantee of confidence and additional security.

We are a fun and cheerful team!

And since you need to have a little fun, our team will invite you to relax during a 100% fun and playful nature outing. Those who have already practiced other activities (such as canyoning in the Gorges du Loup) with us know very well, our philosophy is quite simple: we share our good mood, you share yours in return. On the program: smiles, laughter, complicity and especially sharing. This way, we are sure to have a fun, unfiltered time filled with little pleasures.

Gréolières : the typical medieval village of the Provencal mountains

Before we talk about the paragliding experience in Greolieres, let’s start with a stroll through this charming medieval village. Located a few kilometers from Nice, it houses the remains of two castles, witnesses of the rich history of the town. Small shops and restaurants surround the typical houses of Provence. But what attracts visitors most of all are the natural riches offered by the incomparable setting of Gréolières…

Paragliding, canyoning, hiking: nature activities all year round

Looking for a nice nature hike? The Cheiron mountain welcomes you with open arms! Need a little freshness? The
canyon of the Gorges du Loup
and its beautiful waterfalls offer you a good opportunity to relax. Gréolières is also a very popular ski resort in winter because it is easily accessible from the French Riviera… But to live an even crazier and unforgettable experience, it is in the air that it is played… on the occasion of a paragliding flight in Gréolières!

The ideal place for a first paragliding experience in Greolières

Would you like to enjoy your first paragliding flight in Greolières? You’ve come to the right place to discover this fun and thrilling sport that takes place in the air!

It is in the heart of nature, pushed by the wind of the mountain, that the first flight in paragliding Gréolières takes place in the best conditions. The tandem paragliding activity is supervised by an instructor who oversees each outing and takes place at the very heart of the Gréolières ski resort. The material is provided, as well as all the safety instructions. Simply visit the site and let our experts guide you. The least we can say is that in Greolières, the conditions are ideal for a successful paragliding experience!

Three good reasons to practice paragliding in Greolières with Ailéments

Did you know that? Ailéments’ instructors are members of the flying club of Greolières ” Au Gré de l’Air “. This family and friendly structure is composed of passionate people and contributes to the local life of paragliding: competitions, events, outings are regularly organized. Happy to contribute to the promotion of paragliding in Greolières, our team has many arguments to convince you to take a first flight with us…

Paragliding Greolières : the FAQ

Are you planning to make your first paragliding flight in Greolières with Ailéments? Consult our FAQ to be ready for the big day!

Le site de vol en parapente de Gréolières est-il adapté aux personnes qui débutent ?

Gréolières est un spot de parapente particulièrement bien adapté aux débutants. C’est même l’endroit idéal pour effectuer un baptême de vol en tandem !

Quelle est la période idéale pour faire du parapente dans les Alpes-Maritimes ?

Le parapente à Gréolières se pratique toute l’année, été comme hiver. Le seul facteur à prendre en compte concerne les conditions météo. Si celles-ci sont mauvaises, la sortie en parapente sera tout bonnement reportée ou annulée.

Comment se vêtir pour faire un baptême de parapente ?

Le parapente évolue en altitude à une vitesse d’environ 40 km/h et en tant que passager, vous serez devant face au vent. Nous vous conseillons de vous vêtir comme si vous alliez faire un tour en scooter en montagne. Pour ce qui est des chaussures, nous vous conseillons des chaussures de type randonnée ou de course à pied.

Paragliding experience in Greolières : your testimonies

Many of you have shared your feelings about
your feelings after a paragliding or canyoning experience with us. We also love to receive your warm testimonials by email which we share here with great gratitude. We thank you for your confidence and hope to see you soon in Greolières or elsewhere for an unforgettable moment!

A successful first paragliding experience on the French Riviera for Nadia

On vacation in Nice, we went to the heights to visit the hinterland and we took the opportunity to do some canyoning and a first flight in paragliding in the village of Gréolières. Very educational and reassuring, Pierrot, our instructor, allowed us to live a magical experience. Although the takeoff and landing are a bit impressive, you quickly feel confident, the flight is very smooth. A feeling of being high in the middle of nature… Thanks again for this beautiful moment! Want to fly? Contact the Ailéments team with your eyes closed.

Raphaël discovers the ascending flight at Greolières

I am used to outdoor sports and have already made several paragliding flights on different sites in France and abroad. It is quite natural that I wished to live the experience in Greolières, by offering me a Baptism gift on the French Riviera. The result was fantastic! By practicing thermal ascents, we glide, we glide in hang glider, we fly, we descend passing close to the ridges and as a bonus, I had the opportunity to fly the paraglider. It was a pleasure to fly with the paragliders of Ailéments, a crazy experience, thanks to the team!

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