Paragliding in Alpes-Maritimes 06

There are no words to describe all the unforgettable sensations that come over you when you fly in the sky of the Alpes-Maritimes in paragliding. Classified as an aerial sport, this discipline is very popular with thrill seekers and adventure seekers alike. In the heart of the regional natural park of the Préalpes d’azur, with the majestic mountains of Mercantour as a backdrop and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Ailéments instructors will accompany you for an unforgettable tandem paragliding experience. Adrenaline, contemplation and a beautiful moment of sharing during this aerial activity. You will discover free flight. To take off, several flight sites are available depending on the weather conditions: Gréolieres, nestled against the south-facing Cheiron, overlooking the Gorges du Loup, is a green setting crowned with limestone; the Col de Bleyne is ideally situated for les vols de distances; Bar sur Loup face à Gourdon un petit hameau perché typique de la région qui est aux premières loges pour profiter de la vue sur la cote d’azur; Roquebrune, vue imprenable sur Monaco et ses eaux turquoises où la montagne se jette dans la mer. Seen from the sky, this landscape takes on a whole new dimension. Accompanied by a qualified and experienced instructor, use the thermal and dynamic ascents to gain altitude… Flying a paraglider in the Alpes-Maritimes is possible all year round, the 06 department is the most favorable place for paragliding in France.


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Why make a paragliding experience in the Alpes-Maritimes ?

If you want to fly near Nice Cannes or Menton, you should know that it is possible because there are many places suitable for this discipline in the 06.
It is more the air regulations of Nice and Mandelieu airports than the nature that limits the possibilities.

To practice the department 06 is an Eldorado on the scale of Europe. The sunny climate makes it possible to enjoy
favorable conditions
the whole year. Between the sea and the mountains of the Mercantour massif, the playground is very favourable.

To make a tandem in the Alpes-Maritimes, it is the insurance to be able to find favourable conditions and not to have to postpone several times its appointment as it is the case in the other regions. It is also to be able to enjoy a landscape known for its beauty: between the preserved places and the incredible panoramas of the French Riviera, aesthetics is everywhere.

Our different formulas are the following, they vary according to the conditions and the sites on which you wish to fly.

The paragliding site of Gréolières

This is our favorite site for paragliding in the Alpes-Maritimes. Greolieres is a spot that can be reached quite quickly from the coast of the French Riviera and the main cities. So you can easily get to the meeting point if you want to go paragliding in Greolières and you are at :

  • Cannes (45 minutes)
  • Antibes ( 45 minutes )
  • Villeneuve-Loubet ( 45 minutes )
  • Cagnes sur Mer ( 45
  • minutes)
  • Biot ( 45 minutes )
  • Valbonne ( 45 minutes )
  • Grasse (35 minutes)
  • Vence (30 minutes)

Flight conditions for Greolières

The location of Greolieres makes it a privileged site for paragliding and for nature sports in summer and winter. Paragliding baptisms as well as independent pilots’ practices can be done all day long thanks to a full south orientation and in the flow of the Loup breeze which comes against the Cheiron massif and rises gently. It is thus a place favourable to dynamic and thermal flights,
a weather
at the top.

The dynamic ride consists in taking advantage of the air elevation created by a flow that rises when encountering an obstacle. The Cheiron massif blocks the breeze coming from the Loup valley, so at this place a good part of this breeze can only rise, for the greatest happiness of the local paragliders or of the people coming from all the department 06 to make paragliding baptisms with instructors (also called tandem flights).
The thermal walk consists in taking advantage of the rise of the air created by the sunshine and the contrasts of temperatures. This is also the case in Gréolières where the vast gently sloping mountain is south facing which allows thermal flights all year round.
Normal flights, slow and pleasant ballistic descents, are also possible at times when the sun is weak (morning and late afternoon) or on days when it is cloudy

The site of Greolières is often practiced by starting from the “takeoff of the 300” (because 300m of difference in level), accessible from the village after ten minutes in 4×4 and a small walk with very little difference in level.

It is also possible to take off from the “700 take-off” (700m of vertical drop) after a longer shuttle, in a more “alpine” setting

What can we do as a first flight in paragliding from the site of Greolieres ?

Ailements proposes 4 formulas according to your desires and the possibilities offered by the weather:

  • The discovery consists of a flight in calm air without ascents to enjoy the panorama and discover the sensation of flying.
  • The lift allows you to stay in the air by taking advantage of thermal or dynamic lift. Depending on the conditions, it is possible to maintain the altitude of the take-off and visit the surroundings including an impressive rocky bar or to roll up thermals to rise even higher to see what is happening above and enjoy a magnificent view and an exhilarating altitude.
  • The Prestige is a “cross country flight” that allows you to climb to the summit and follow the ridge for about ten kilometers to the magnificent Coursegoules area. You will enjoy an exceptional view on the French Riviera and the sea, as well as on the Mercantour massif. You will feel the magic of paragliding, which is to move effortlessly and to do in one hour what would be a big day hike.
  • The hike and the take-off: we walk up to a take-off via a hiking trail, each carrying a part of the flight equipment. The flight is in these conditions a great reward.

  • The ski flight on Gréolieres les neiges
    during the winter season is a treat for the ski lovers.

These types of flights can also be practiced on other paragliding sites where we practice according to your requests and the weather. We put at your disposal and for your greatest pleasure our experience of piloting.

Paragliding baptisms in Coursegoules

The site of Coursegoules offers a privileged point of view on the middle country, the Mercantour and the French Riviera. It is a beautiful village that has kept its aesthetic intact. The autumn or spring lights give it a wonderful color and it is a pleasure to fly over it.

  • flyover of the provencal village
  • it is the strong point of a distance flight from Greolières
  • it is also a good choice for a flight-hike with little difference in altitude in a wonderful setting
  • ideal for people wishing to fly from Vence

The other sites : Lachens, Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, Auron, la Colmiane, Sospel and Tende

Coursegoules en parapente

As you can see, the 06 department is very rich in paragliding. Here is some information about other flight sites in the Alpes-Maritimes where we can take you

  • The Lachens is an isolated mountain in the west of the Alpes Maritimes department, it is possible to make beautiful flights in a natural environment less urbanized than on the coast.
  • The paragliding site of Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey is located on the Napoleon road north of Grasse, it offers a beautiful panorama on the Lake of Saint Cassien and the Esterel.
  • Auron and Colmiane cover the Tinée and Vésubie valleys. These are “mountain” sites that are best practiced in summer. You will evolve near summits exceeding 3000m.
  • The site of Sospel is located in the back country of Menton. It offers to those who know how to exploit the ascents a magnificent view between the sea and the Mercantour mountains.
  • Paragliding in Tende is possible near the village and also at the famous Col de Tende. This last place is probably the site offering the richest panorama because it is located on the border ridge with Italy. On the program: View on the plain of Po and beyond: Mont Viso, Mont Blanc – the Ligurian reliefs – the sea and the mountains of Mercantour Gelas and Argentera!

Paragliding baptisms in gourdon near antibes

Gourdon is a very favorable place for paragliding and historically attracts pilots from Cannes, Mandelieux, Mougins, Valbonne, Antibes and Grasse. The view of the entire coastline is quite impressive. Below the classic flight site called Embarnier, the village of Gourdon is worth a flight. It is possible during a paragliding experience in Gourdon to take you to the village: it is what is called a perched village, which dominates vertiginous rocky bars. You will be able to fly on the cliffs of Gourdon then to go up in favour of dynamic ascents.

FAQ about paragliding flights

Comment faire en baptême de l'air en parapente dans les Alpes-Maritimes?

Si vous souhaitez voler avec nous à Gréolières ou sur un des autres sites proposés dans le département 06, vous pouvez choisir directement votre formule ou nous contacter par téléphone pour prendre RDV.

Peut-on organiser une sortie de groupe sur un site des Alpes-Maritimes pour faire du parapente à plusieurs ?

En fonction de votre groupe, c’est possible. Nous pourrons organiser cela avec plusieurs moniteurs et vous faire voler ensemble dans le site des Alpes-Maritimes de votre choix.

Comment se vêtir pour faire un baptême de parapente ?

Le parapente évolue en altitude à une vitesse d’environ 40 km/h et en tant que passager, vous serez devant face au vent. Nous vous conseillons de vous vêtir comme si vous alliez faire un tour en scooter en montagne. Pour ce qui est des chaussures, nous vous conseillons des chaussures de type randonnée ou de course à pied.

Biplace parapente près de Nice

Testimony : a tandem paragliding flight in Greolières by Christine

My name is Christine and I’m going to describe how my first paragliding experience was in Greolières.
I wanted to go paragliding around Cannes which is my usual vacation spot. I found the website and I made an appointment with Pierre-Yves for a tandem flight. I chose the Ascendance package because I wanted to make the most of it. Some friends who had already done it advised me to take the opportunity to make the most beautiful flight possible. They told me a lot of good things about it.

Pierre-Yves advised me to cover myself because in May the air is still fresh. This is even more true with altitude and wind during flight. So I took the ski clothes and I was not disappointed.

The flight went perfectly and we reached the altitude of 1700 m, which is very gratifying because the view is magnificent and goes far towards the Massif des Maures, Corsica and the mountains of the Mercantour park. Flying in the 06 department is a pleasure for the eyes.

We went up 15min by 4X4 then in 10 minutes of walk we reached the takeoff area. Pierre-Yves prepared my equipment and checked that the “harness” in which I was going to sit was well fixed as well as my helmet. I put the gloves and my camera on a small carabiner and I was able to slip a snack in my pocket: good idea because flying is tiring.
The takeoff was very quiet because it was windy and I only had to take a few steps. We immediately took a lift, a “thermal” that the pilot didn’t let go of, regularly asking me if I wanted us to stop turning and continue in straight flight.

As it was going very well, I preferred to continue the climb, which did not last very long. We found ourselves at 1700 m, I was very happy.

Then we moved towards Cipières it was magnificent.

We did the swing and a few 360 turns before landing, I was so happy in flight that I forgot to take pictures, fortunately the tandem pilot took some!

The Cap d'Antibes seen from the air by paraglider!

I will remember for a long time this flight from the crests of Cheiron with Pierrot my instructor and pilot. A breathtaking view on the bay of angels, conditions at the top with a weather Antibes which announced great sun. A feeling of freedom, flying like a bird near the still snowy peaks and fortunately we were well covered and I was comfortable in my harness. The flight over the small village of Greolieres and the control during the flight were really great and all that in safety. Once again, thank you Ailéments and Pierrot for sharing your passion for free flight and nature. See you next year in the sky of the Alpes-Maritimes.

A paragliding and picnic day in Roquebrune Cap Martin, by Laure

With my company based in Valbonne on the Sophia-Antipolis technology park, we contacted Ailéments to organize a picnic day on the beach of Cabbé. Several paragliding instructors have been booked to fly us. There were thus 3 rotations to make fly 15 people during a pleasant picnic on the beach. The jumps were very appreciated, especially the panorama on Monaco and the view on Corsica. Nothing to do with skydiving and even less with helicopter, the sliding sensations are there. We are in direct contact with the elements. We had also tried the simulators but again the ride in the air, the real thing is incomparable.

The luckiest ones were able, during the last flights, to fly over the Cap Martin.

In the end, we will remember the very good organization of Ailements in terms of flights for groups.

Décollage parapente Gréolieres

The other sites of flight in the Alpes-Maritimes

Paragliding baptisms in Roquebrune Cap Martin near Monaco

The site of Roquebrune is located in the region of Monaco Menton and Turbie. It is an internationally renowned site allowing to fly over the sea and to land on the beach. We take off from the Mont-Gros at about 700 m and we fly over Monaco between La Turbie and the village of Roquebrune.

  • Monaco (10 minutes)
  • Grasse
  • Menton (10 minutes)
  • Saint André Les Alpes
  • La Turbie (10 minutes)
  • Cap d’Ail (5 minutes)
  • Eze ( 20 minutes )
  • Villefranche sur Mer (25 minutes)
  • Nice ( 30 minutes )

The strong points of a
paragliding experience in Roquebrune
are numerous and are due to both the majestic setting and the favourable conditions for paragliding, especially in winter.

  • magnificent view on Monaco
  • a magnificent flight in winter
  • an unusual walking and flying formula
  • A holiday atmosphere with your feet in the sand
saut en parapente sur Nice

Paragliding baptisms at the Col de Bleine near Thorenc

The site of the Col de Bleine, 20 minutes from Greolières in the Alpes d’Azur park above Thorenc, offers an Alpine setting and a choice departure point for long distance paragliding flights. It is possible to have a tandem cross country flight with our instructor as part of the prestige flight formula. Located in the Alpes-Maritimes, this site may also be of interest to people who wish to
paragliding from Castellane.

  • magnificent view, including the sea, from the middle country
  • flight distance to cover several tens of kilometers
  • beginners or timid pilots can also make a pedagogical tandem seat with us to progress in Cross

Some pictures of paragliding in the Alpes-Maritimes

Un baptême de parapente inoubliable !

July 23, 2023

Très belle expérience en famille, notre baptême de parapente restera notre meilleur souvenir de vacances !

Merci à Pierrot pour sa gentillesse et son grand professionnalisme. Une pédagogie au top !

Nous reviendrons avec un grand plaisir !


Cadeau surprise Grand succès !!!

November 28, 2022

Cadeau surprise vol ascension le jour des 18ans de ma fille !!..

Nous Venions de Nice et c’était sa première expérience!! et sans regrets car ça a été pour elle un moment magique et inoubliable 😍 !!!…

Véritable belle surprise pour elle et d’avoir pu la voir aussi pétillante et enjouée par ce moment à été en finalité un cadeau pour nous également !!🤩

Merci à Pierrot sans qui ce grand moment n’aurait pu se faire !!

Personne professionnelle , très sympathique et débordant d’énergie positive , et qui a su nous faire partager sa passion … en l’air comme à ceux restés à terre !!😄

Merci pour tout et !!… à refaire !!!


Baptême vol ascendance août 2022

October 17, 2022

Découverte du parapente en famille grâce à Pierrot et Antoine, un dimanche à l’aube! Sensations extraordinaires et émotions garanties avec vue magnifique sur la côte d’Azur! Pierrot est très pro, très attentionné et prévenant. Les enfants ont adoré. Nous sommes prêts à recommencer. Merci encore pour ce moment de bonheur!

Marie-lo et Chris

Découverte parapente

June 20, 2022

Découverte du parapente avec Pierrot, super belle expérience. Pierrot sait mettre à l’aise et explique tout ce qui va se passer pendant notre vol.

Balade tranquille mais également si on le souhaite un peu d’acrobatie (sensations au rendez-vous).

Je recommande cette expérience !!


Une sensation extraordinaire

June 6, 2022

Professionnel, Pierrot est rassurant pour les débutants et prodigue une prestation très agréable même face aux appréhensions légitimes des novices.

Philippe Françoise et Victor
Votre avis