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Bapteme parapente Gréolieres

These villages which make the charm of the French Riviera

Particularly appreciated by tourists in the summer season, the Mediterranean coast is every year taken over by bathers in search of sun and relaxation. Far from being limited to beautiful sandy beaches, the charm of the French Riviera is also embodied in these small villages perched high up in the mountains that one takes pleasure in visiting during a detour on the winding roads of the hinterland…. If you go a little higher, you will discover places as atypical as they are wild, offering privileged access to 100% natural activity sites.

Parapente biplace pedagogique

The pedagogy Ailéments, courses between analysis, sensations and individualization

Our team is firmly convinced that the learning of any discipline requires individualization, indeed it is important to have the ability to observe, question and propose an appropriate solution to each student. A lot of factors can be at the origin of an action which is not necessarily useful or even counter-productive in the realization of a technical gesture in paragliding as in canyoning. We all have a personality of our own with a feeling and therefore a gesture that adapts to the disciplines we practice.

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