Riolan canyon

A canyon descent between the Gorges du Verdon and Nice. Ailéments will take you to discover this magnificent sporting course.

Riolan Canyon is located in the Estéron Valley. The itinerary can be considered a bit more “advanced” since it is longer (full-day activity) and therefore may require more endurance from participants. However, it is not necessarily considered to be more “technical” than other canyon itineraries. This is a full-day adventure .




* 65€
Useful information
  • Activity time: 5 min approach - 5H on average in the canyon
  • Required: to be able to swim and to have a minimum of stamina.
  • Equipment needed: A pair of sneakers with laces and notched soles, a swimsuit,
  • a towel for after the activity, picnic (sandwich, a cereal bar and a bottle of water for 3).
  • If video option don't forget a 4 GB mini SD card

Free photos and videos option 30 euros

If asthma problems thank you for taking your ventolin, any special medical problems should be reported. (operations, prostheses, joint weaknesses…)

Ailéments reserves the right to cancel or to be a little late on the outing, according to the conditions of practice at the time, for safety reasons.

8 people maximum for 1 monitor – 4 people minimum for an outing

* 60 euros for groups of 6 people or more.