this sporty canyoning descent is the reference in the 06, a change of scenery and sensations for your greatest pleasure.

In the Roya Valley nestled among some France’s most beautiful canyons discover “La Maglia”.

Are you an adrenaline junky? This full-day activity is perfect for you! Get ready for “canyon jumps”, “water sliding” or “abseiling “. Known locally as a “mineral jewel” you will be dazzled by the beauty of this canyon! This activity is ideal for more athletic participants who have no fear of heights, unpredictable waters or high jumps. Nevertheless, this adventure is open to all individuals, even those with little, similar experience as long as they are physically fit with a high level of endurance.




* 65€
Useful information
  • Activity time: 15 min approach - 3H30 on average in the canyon
  • Prerequisites: know how to swim and be a minimum endurance and comfortable with jumps.
  • Equipment needed: A pair of sneakers with laces and notched soles, a swimsuit,
  • a towel for after the activity, picnic (sandwich, a cereal bar and a bottle of water for 3).
  • If video option don't forget a 4 GB mini SD card

Free photos and videos option 30 euros

If asthma problems thank you for taking your ventolin, any special medical problems should be reported. (operations, prostheses, joint weaknesses…)

Ailéments reserves the right to cancel or to be a little late on the outing, according to the conditions of practice at the time, for safety reasons.

8 people maximum for 1 monitor – 4 people minimum for an outing

* 60 euros for groups of 6 people or more.