Discover Canyoning at the gates of the Verdon

We set the scene: lush nature, fresh and crystal clear water, breathtaking waterfalls, natural pools, wild slides, laughter, sharing, emotions. It makes you dream, doesn’t it? So maybe it’s time to take the plunge and make this wish come true by testing a canyoning descent in the 04 region! Affordable and accessible, this 100% natural activity has everything to please. It is an invitation to pleasure and escape. A mix of swimming, water walking and climbing, it is above all an opportunity to enjoy a moment of happiness with family, friends or colleagues. In addition to encouraging the surpassing of oneself, canyoning is a sport that helps us to better reconnect with nature. Stress reduction, blood pressure reduction and heart rate reduction are all recognized benefits of outdoor sports. Everything is in place for us to fill up on good energy, so why deprive ourselves? Not far from the beaches of the Mediterranean, the Verdon canyoning is an exceptional site in more than one respect. If the landscape is grandiose, the descent of the canyon of Castellane is just as much. On the program: swimming, jumping, slides, abseiling, in short a total immersion in the heart of a generous nature.

Whether you are a beginner in canyoning or already well experienced, the Verdon Castellane canyon can be practiced à la carte. No jumping or rappelling is required. You can therefore let yourself go in the river at your own pace, choosing or not to exceed your limits without ever feeling trapped. Do you like canyoning in Castellane? Discover below all the characteristics of this unusual course in the heart of the Alpes de Hautes Provence and join our instructors for an unforgettable initiation…The Verdon is a place of nature sports, in particular on the water sports as the canyoning and rafting, as well as climbing and Paraglide. With Castellane small typical village of 04 and tourist center of the PACA region you will be able to find an accommodation but also of the restaurant, a small life of village with these markets of local products. The diversity of the canyons around the Verdon is not as rich as in the 06 but you can find very nice family clues like the Haut Jabron but also the Saint Auban, this last one is a bit more sportive. Many canyoneers don’t hesitate to drive a little bit to come to the Loup which is 40 min from Castellane. For the day canyons you have to go to the Esteron where the Riolan canyon is a must of the Verdon canyoning tour ! The canyon of Aiglun is also a little less frequented but very aesthetic.

The Verdon is a place for nature sports, especially for water sports such as
and rafting, or climbing and
. With Castellane small typical village of 04 and tourist center of the PACA region you will be able to find an accommodation but also of the restaurant, a small life of village with these markets of local products. The diversity of the canyons around the Verdon is not as rich as in the 06 but you can find very nice family clues like the Haut Jabron but also the Saint Auban, this last one is a bit more sportive. Many canyoneers don’t hesitate to drive a little bit to come to the Loup which is 40 min from Castellane. For the day canyons you have to go to the Esteron where the Riolan canyon is a must of the Verdon canyoning tour ! The canyon of Aiglun is also a little less frequented but very aesthetic.

Canyoning Alpes-Maritimes

Ideal for families

Cascades de Courmes


Cascade de Saint auban

Saint Auban


Canyoning Riolan


A day out of time

Canyon Imberguet

A vertical walk


Le Gours du Ray

A must on gregarious !


Three good reasons to practice canyoning around Castellane

The south of France is famous for its sumptuous canyoning sites. From the Alpes Maritimes to the Var via the Alpes de Haute de Provence, the mountainous hinterland hides many wild treasures to discover without moderation. By following our canyoning instructors in Castellane, you will only have to let yourself be guided and fully enjoy every minute of your escapade. This without worrying about renting the equipment, setting the gps or walking through the forest and risking a wrong path. Just rely on the experience of our knowledgeable guides who take care of all the logistics!

Discovering the idyllic setting of the Verdon

If you have had the opportunity to visit the Gorges du Verdon, then you are certainly already under the spell of this exceptional natural site. Anyone who approaches it runs the inevitable risk of being overwhelmed by so much beauty. In the middle of the limestone rock winds a turquoise blue water. Here you can practice many water activities: rafting, pedal boat, paddle… and the best of all: canyoning. Located not far from the Verdon, the site of Castellane and its surroundings is home to beautiful natural courses in the mountains.

A 100% natural breath of fresh air

Far from the hustle and bustle of the Mediterranean coast, the PACA region is prized for its mountainous landscapes. We like to walk there to get some fresh air, to clear our heads and to get into the green. The good energies induced by this detox are multiplied tenfold when we practice canyoning. To be immersed in water is to be in direct contact with nature, to feel it more intensely. We let ourselves be carried away by the current of the fresh water, we finally let go. You will have understood, to take a big breath of fresh air, there is nothing like a canyoning adventure in Castellane where you will find particularly wild and exotic sites.

Boosting self-confidence

Learn to trust yourself, prove to yourself that you can surpass yourself, push your limits: these are the challenges to take up during a canyoning trip in the 04. Adapted to all levels, the sites of the Alpes de Haute Provence are an opportunity for everyone to regain self-confidence. After having accompanied many people – from the most daring to the most cautious – our instructors agree that the practice of canyoning has many positive effects. It helps you to know yourself better, to value yourself and to learn to be proud of yourself.

The reference site of Verdon canyoning for beginners

Are you new to canyoning? Don’t worry, the Castellane site is made for you! Suitable for all levels, you can practice it as a beginner as well as with an advanced level.

If the canyoning routes around Castellane – and in particular the Haut Jabron – are so popular, it is because they offer escape routes at each stage. Therefore, nothing forces you to jump or rappel if you don’t want to. Thanks to this major asset, our favorite Verdon canyon can be practiced at any age! This gives you the opportunity to bring the whole family to enjoy this rewarding experience…

The canyoning of Castellane is appreciated by the beginners because it is an ideal initiatory course. Dotted with many natural slides, it offers a nice overview of the activity. The pools follow one another as well as the jumps and you will also have the chance to initiate yourself to climbing with an abseiling on several meters high. Between two thrills, take a break for a breathtaking aquatic walk. 100% guaranteed disconnection!

canyoning castellane

The sumptuous canyoning sites of the Gorges du Verdon

Ideally located at the junction of the departments of Var, Alpes de Haute Provence and Alpes Maritimes, the Verdon conceals many wonders. Classified as a Regional Natural Park, it covers nearly 188,000 hectares. There are exceptional landscapes, from
pretty typical villages
and the famous lake of Sainte-Croix. The most popular canyoning sites of the French Riviera are also located in the area. The Castellane canyon competes with other equally breathtaking courses:

  • The
    canyoning of Saint Auban
    will delight the beginners who wish to discover this playful activity gently. Located in the Regional Natural Park of the Pre-Alpes d’Azur, the Estéron river offers you the possibility of a refreshing and exotic descent. You will find everything that makes the charm of canyoning in the South of France: slides, jumps, climbing, walking and swimming.
  • Not far from there, we find the
    canyoning of Riolan
    for intermediate levels. Crystalline basins, caves, vertiginous abseils are as many stages not to be missed on this very famous natural site.

Many other canyoning routes are easily accessible from the French Riviera : l’Imberguet, le Gours de Ray, Courmes, le Loup… If you wish to practice one of them with our instructors, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.
canyoning instructors of the 06
If you want to practice one of them with our instructors, please write to us through our contact form just
. We organize family outings, team building, EVG and EVJF… Entrust us with your project and we will take care of the rest!

canyoning en famille verdon

FAQ about canyoning adventure days in the Verdon Castellane

Vous rêvez d’une journée magique et insolite en pleine nature ?

Contactez nos moniteurs de canyoning sans attendre ! A l’écoute de vos souhaits et de vos attentes, ils s’emploieront à y répondre avec le plus grand plaisir. Mais avant cela, retrouvez déjà de nombreuses informations importantes dans notre FAQ sur le canyoning du Verdon Castellane

Comment se déroule une journée de canyoning près de Castellane ?

Si vous souhaitez pratiquer le canyonisme dans le Verdon, prenez contact avec les moniteurs d’Ailéments afin de réserver un créneau et définir votre parcours. Le maintien de l’activité dépend toutefois des conditions météorologiques qui évoluent rapidement en haute montagne.Une fois le lieu de rendez-vous et l’heure fixés, votre seule obligation sera de prévoir un pique-nique avec une bouteille d’eau et un en-cas, d’emporter une serviette, un maillot de bain et de chausser de bonnes baskets. Nos équipes s’occupent de vous fournir tout le matériel nécessaire au canyoning. Elles peuvent également prendre des photographies et des vidéos si vous souhaitez garder un joli souvenir de cette journée…Le déroulement de l’activité se fait au rythme de chacun et chacune. Vous aurez la liberté de faire plusieurs sauts si vous le souhaitez, de vous prélasser à votre guise au creux d’une piscine naturelle et de pique-niquer dans un cadre enchanteur. Le bonheur à l’état pur !Quel matériel faut-il pour descendre un canyon en toute sécurité ?La pratique du canyoning doit être encadrée par des professionnels afin d’éviter tout risque. Parmi l’équipement obligatoire, comptez :

  • La combinaison de canyoning
  • Le casque de sécurité
  • Et tout le matériel d’escalade

Nos moniteurs vous prêteront ces équipements le jour J, juste avant d’attaquer la descente. Ils vous expliqueront leur rôle et leur importance afin de parer tous les dangers éventuels.Sachez également que nous avons la possibilité de vous fournir des sacs étanches si besoin.

Quel est le rôle des guides de canyoning ?

Les moniteurs de canyoning qui vous accompagnent à Castellane sont là pour vous encadrer pas à pas, à chaque étape de la descente. Ils vous coachent, vous aident à vous surpasser mais ils vous évitent également de commettre des erreurs ou de prendre des risques inutiles qui peuvent s’avérer très graves en pleine montagne. Après vous avoir expliqué les consignes de sécurité, ils vous offrent la possibilité de profiter de votre journée en toute sérénité. Par la même occasion, ils vous sensibilisent à la préservation de la nature et partagent leurs expériences. Tout cela dans la joie et la bonne humeur car, finalement, leur volonté c’est avant tout de vous faire vivre une expérience inoubliable !

They tested the canyoning in Castellane Verdon

After a beautiful day rich in emotions and sharing, we love to receive your feedback. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us
opinion on the discovery days in canyoning in the Verdon
and the Alpes Maritimes that we share together. While waiting to read you, discover below the testimony of Sandra and Alexandre who had the pleasure to practice some jumps in the canyoning of Castellane…

A canyoning in the verdon with the family for Alexandre

I have been a canyoning enthusiast for a long time, and have had the pleasure of practicing many courses in France and abroad. It’s a sport I really like because it calls for many skills. We swim, we walk, we jump, we climb and at the same time we exercise without looking like it. After a good day of canyoning, there is nothing like a good night’s sleep! I called on the Ailéments team in order to introduce my wife and son to this activity . We wanted to have a safe environment to practice the descent without risk and in full relaxation. As there were only three of us, the instructor grouped us with two other people and together we shared an incredible experience. In the respect of each other, each one was able to evolve at his own pace, to exceed his limits and to encourage the others to do so as well. In short, it was a day full of surprises and above all goodwill!

Cascade de Saint auban

Fun and laughter for Sandra's canyoning discovery day

Bold but not very brave, I always let myself be taken on crazy adventures by a group of intrepid friends. This summer, while passing through the Gorges du Verdon, we decided to try all the water activities of the area among which a day of canyoning with Ailéments. Wetsuit put on, helmet on the head, laces well tightened and it is left, we launch out in the canyon without losing a crumb of each stage. I venture to do some crazy things but I remain reasonable because my fear of heights sometimes tends to paralyze me. But carried away by the good atmosphere and the laughter I quickly managed to relax and let go. Beyond the playful side, the site of Castellane is really incredible. We take a lot of eyes throughout the descent! For a day of initiation to canyoning in the 04, Castellane is ideal, I recommend it with my eyes closed!

Some pictures of Canyoning in the Alpes-Maritimes

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