Le Gour du Ray

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The natural canyon, complete and playful, close to the French Riviera

The Gour du Ray canyon is located near the medieval village of Gréolières in the Parc Naturel Régional des Préalpes d’Azur at the bottom of a green valley at the foot of the Cheiron (1789 m).

This beautiful canyon, sometimes mineral and deep, sometimes open and green, runs through the upper part of the Loup valley and its famous Gorges.

This route, much less frequented than the
Canyon du Loup
is ideal for a half day of wonder and sensation away from the crowds.

Indeed, this complete and varied canyon is a very good compromise between discovery of canyoning and strong sensations: you will be able to tame the descent in abseiling in full safety, to make the full of adrenalin on the jumps and toboggans in beautiful deep basins with the fresh and crystalline water and carved by the elements




* 50€
Useful information
  • Period : The Gour du Ray is practicable from April to October
  • Activity time: 15 min approach - 1H30 on average in the canyon
  • Prerequisite: ability to swim
  • Equipment needed: A pair of lace-up sneakers with notched soles, a bathing suit,
  • a towel for after the activity
  • If video option don't forget a 4GB mini SD card

Free photos and videos option 30 euros

Descente en rappel dans une cascade Gours du Ray

8 people maximum for 1 instructor – 4 people minimum for an outing


45 euros for groups of 6 or more people

If asthma problems please take your ventolin, any particular medical problems should be reported. (operations, prostheses, joint weaknesses…)

Ailéments reserves the right to cancel or delay the outing, depending on the conditions of the moment, for safety reasons.

The course of the activity Canyon du Gour du Ray

Here no shuttle; once at the rendezvous point with your guide, the adventure begins immediately
begins immediately with the distribution of the equipment: wetsuit and neoprene socks, harness and helmet.

After a short walk of only 10 minutes entirely downhill, you will arrive at the edge of the Loup where you will start the activity with a briefing. And here we go for 2 hours of descent in a wild setting. After a short walk in the river, the difficulties arise. A short abseiling of 4m allows to get into the swing of things and then everything follows in a progressive way: jumps, slides and abseiling a little more consequent. The water is fresh and crystal clear; at the 3/4 of the course is a large basin, a natural pool several meters deep that will offer you the opportunity to make multiple jumps … up to 10m for the most daring! A final drop with a nice slide takes you to a turquoise pool ideal for a last swim.

After removing your equipment and packing a bag with your wetsuit, a 30 minute walk uphill through a shady forest will bring you back to the starting point.

Go to the departure of the cANYON !

This route is in the middle of the Alpes Maritimes (06 ), which makes it accessible:

From the Gorges du Verdon and Castellane (04) : 1h

From Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Mandelieu : 1h 30

from Grasse, Saint Vallier de thiey : less than 1h

To get to the meeting point with your guide, you will go to Gréolières then you will have to take the D79 in the direction of Andon, continue during 3,5km. The meeting point is located on the roadside with different parking lots between two small bridges that span the streams of the BOUISSE and the HAUTE BOUISSE.

FAQ about the Gours du Ray canyon

Quels sont les points forts du Gour du Ray pour la pratique du canyoning?

Ce canyon confidentiel a pour principale point fort d’être peu pratiqué et reste donc sauvage. Il est particulièrement accessible, complet et varié. La multitude d’obstacles et la progressivité de ce parcours en font un canyon de choix pour tout ceux qui ont soif d’aventure.

Que peut -on faire après l’activité canyon au Gour du Ray?

Le village de Gréolières tout proche avec ses commerces, bar, restaurant, épicerie vous permettra de vous restaurer. N’oubliez pas de jeter un coup d’oeil aux ruines et aux ruelles typique du village. Si vous appréciez les villages perchés typiques alors rendez vous à Gourdon ou Tourettes sur Loup. Si vous souhaitez encore plus d’adrénaline, optez pour un vol en parapente sur le Cheiron avec Ailements parapente et s’il vous reste de l’énergie de nombreuses randonnées sont possibles . Les amoureux des animaux seront comblés avec les safaris proposés par la Réserve Biologique des Monts D’azur de Thorenc où vous pourrez admirer les bisons, chevaux Przewalski, cerfs ou encore sangliers.

Le Gour du Ray: An unforgettable canyon trip during our vacations on the French Riviera. "the Eischorn family

On vacation in the south of France with family, we were looking for a sporty activity to escape the sweltering heat with the kids. My brother tells us about canyonning, he did it with Tom from Ailements and keeps a very good memory of it, to finish convincing us, he shows us a video. The children see themselves there already, we reserve in the tread.

We have an appointment near Gréolieres, less than 1 hour from Mougin, for the Gour du Ray with our guide Tom, my brother, my husband and the children who only talk about it.

We meet Tom and everything goes quickly, distribution of equipment, small approach walk and we are the feet in the water. I pass on the small difficulties to put on the suits while the guide does it in no time without effort!

During the briefing, the children are stamping their feet, but you have to pay full attention, fortunately mom is watching! And here we go and it starts strong with an encore but this one is small and Tom puts everyone in confidence. The water and the setting are perfect, we let ourselves be carried along by the water and the obstacles. As the obstacles grow, our stress increases (well, especially for me). A large pool allows us to do and redo different jumps, it’s a break for me while the rest of the team is having a great time. A final 10m abseil gives me a last shot of adrenaline and we are out of the canyon. Too short for some who already want to start over perfect for me! A superb day to discover canyoning at the spawn, in the nature, far from the crowd and worries.

Thanks to Tom, our guide of the day, for this great moment.

Some pictures of the Gour du Ray

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