Canyoning is an extraordinary discipline that combines swimming, walking and climbing. Practiced in the natural sites of the Nice hinterland, this sporty and playful activity is an invitation to let go. In the heart of the mountains, where nature has all its rights, immerse yourself in the white water of the streams that crisscross the gorges with their steep rocky walls. Go deep into the wilderness away from the hassle of everyday life. Recharge your batteries for a day filled with emotions and joy! Accessible to all ages, canyoning is supervised by regulated safety instructions. It is practiced at a certain time of the year with specific equipment that allows you to fully enjoy a day of 100% pleasure without taking any risk. On the program of a session
canyoning in the Alpes-Maritimes
Swimming, jumping, abseiling… But also a good dose of laughter, strong sensations and unforgettable moments of sharing which leave magnificent memories in mind. Ready to try the adventure with us? Trust our experienced instructors and take advantage of their knowledge to let yourself be carried towards a crazy adventure in the heart of our beautiful region. Learn to observe nature to take full advantage of the simplest treasures it has to offer and discover the Côte d’Azur other than its idyllic beaches.

Nice on the Bay of Angels invites you to enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate, which makes it a destination for nature sports and canyoning in France. Numerous canyon descents are available within an hour of Nice. In the Roya valley you have the famous canyon of Maglia which can be practiced for a day with a picnic. There is a series of slides, jumps and abseiling in a cave. A magical canyon for adventure lovers. This descent is reserved for sporty people. Not far from the Roya, going up the Var valley, the Vésubie valley is also very famous for its numerous water courses. For example the Imberguet which is a canyon with beautiful abseiling and jumps, quite complete and very playful. Of course you have the canyon of the Peira and the Bollène in the same valley. In the Tinée the famous ravine of Cramassouri which is a playful canyon and very suitable for families. Then we go to the Esteron where two canyons of scale await you, the canyon of Riolan and the clue of Aiglun, we have a small weakness for this first one which is very aesthetic, a ballade in time through two splendid circus and biefs dug in the rock it is sumptuous. A place also very frequented but nevertheless impossible to circumvent near

the Saint Auban,
is part of the half-day sports canyon. Let’s go down to Gréolieres where we have some nice canyon descents in addition to paragliding. Let’s start with the gorges du Loup which is one of the most accessible and fun canyons you can do in half a day with our team. Still in half-day canyon we have
the Gours du Ray
which is a little wilder and very accessible in summer. Our day canyon in the Gorges du Loup is the
Waterfalls of Courmes
A very complete canyon with beautiful abseiling descents.

To know more about the organized canyoning trips in the 06, find all the information on this page dedicated to our offers or contact us. Choose among the unavoidable canyoning sites near Nice: Gours du Ray, Courmes, le Loup and many others…Now all you have to do is jump in!


Le Gours du Ray

A must on gregarious !

Cascades of Courmes


Cascade de Saint auban

Saint Auban


Riolan Canyon


A day out of time


A vertical walk

Canyoning Alpes-Maritimes

Ideal for families


Why canyoning in the 06 ?

Considered – in all objectivity – as one of the most beautiful regions of France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has more than one trick up its sleeve to seduce you. Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, the natural sites are numerous and varied. Here, the mountains occupy half of the regional territory. It hosts many parks and nature reserves, dizzying massifs, creeks and multiple canyons. The climate is ideal: hot in summer and mild in winter. This allows us to take full advantage of outdoor activities throughout the year, and that’s a real opportunity! The latter are also very diversified: aquatic or pedestrian excursions, climbing, winter sports, paragliding, canyoning…

The different departments of the PACA region are home to some of the best canyoning sites in the world:

  • In the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region, you can practice canyoning in Castellane or in the Verdon gorges;
  • The department of Var is not in rest since it also shelters exceptional sites with the gorges of Destéou or the canyon of Artuby;
  • In the Alpes-Maritimes, you can canyon near Grasse or Nice, close to the emblematic beaches of the French Riviera…

At Ailéments, we have chosen to make canyoning in the Alpes-Maritimes our specialty for several reasons:

  • First of all, it is a sport that is for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or already a bit experienced in canyoning, this discipline is open to all levels. You just have to adapt the course by choosing a canyon in the 06 which corresponds to your expectations. Whether you’re a fan of pretty water rides or sporty canyons, there’s something for everyone!
  • The canyons in the PACA region are famous all over the world and can be found all over the region: from the most popular ones in the Verdon gorges to the lesser known but equally breathtaking ones less than an hour from Nice…
  • Finally, canyoning is a unifying activity that allows you to strengthen ties with family, friends or colleagues. We cultivate values that are dear to us: mutual aid, sharing, and respect for one another. We also laugh a lot and that creates beautiful moments of complicity!

Canyoning sites in Nice

If you leave the coast to venture on the winding roads of the hinterland of Nice or Grasse, you will not be disappointed. On your way, below the road, you are likely to see a group of crazy acrobatic hikers. Because no, you can’t always go for a walk on dry land! In the water, nature takes on another dimension. And it is even more striking when you are in the middle of the wild forests, letting yourself be carried away by the fresh water currents of the mountain or on the side of a cliff under a majestic natural waterfall.

The canyoning sites in Nice are numerous. Accessible, they are easily reached from the main roads whether you come from the Verdon, Grasse or Monaco.

Gours du Ray : canyoning between Grasse and Nice

After this introduction to canyoning, go to the Gour du Ray for an advanced course! Located in the regional natural park of the Préalpes d’Azur near Gréolières, this site is full of treasures: exceptional natural pools with crystalline water and a breathtakingly lush nature. If you are looking for a complete canyon near Grasse, the Gour du Ray has something to delight you: swimming, abseiling and a 10 meters jump as a bonus for the most intrepid! Halfway between a discovery trip and a sensational field day, this canyon will leave you with good memories and the desire to do it again very soon…

Near Castellane, an incredible canyon in the gorges of Saint-Auban

If the canyons of the 04 are rich in entertainment, the Alpes-Maritimes department has enough to compete with its neighbors! Located near the border with the Var and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the Saint-Auban clue welcomes you from May to September in the heart of the Préalpes d’Azur park. Paced and very fun, this course is suitable for beginners or experienced athletes and includes many obstacles. It is an ideal site to practice canyoning near the Verdon gorges!

Looking for a sporty canyon near Nice? The Riolan and the Imberguet are made for you!

Thrill seekers will be delighted to learn that we will be delighted to learn that we organize canyoning trips for advanced levels in the Estéron valley. To practice the Riolan canyon requires courage and a bit of endurance for maximum pleasure! At l’Imberguet, the canyon located at the gateway to the Mercantour National Park is characterized by its numerous abseiling descents. If you are not afraid of the void then this
extreme canyoning in the 06
is made for you !

The ideal conditions for a canyoning in Nice

As for any outdoor sport activity, the practice of canyoning in the Alpes-Maritimes must be carefully prepared in advance. We study the weather conditions of the coming days but also of the previous ones. As rainfall is more frequent in the hinterland, in case of heavy rain, the rivers become very dangerous because of the currents that make them impassable, and this for several days. Until the D-day, your
canyoning instructor in Nice
can decide to cancel the activity if there is any risk of storm or rain in the mountains. On the other hand, it is possible that some canyons are not accessible because of the dryness during the summers which are too harsh…

If canyoning is only practiced in the south of France in spring and summer, it is also because of the temperature. Who would want to venture into icy water surrounded by snow in the middle of winter?

You will have understood, for a successful canyoning day on the French Riviera, you have to check the water level and its currents, get informed about the weather and take advantage of a beautiful sunny day to have a good time!

Canyon de Barbaira

Other canyoning sites in PACA : Verdon, Castellane...

Thanks to the diversity of its ecosystem, the PACA region is home to exceptional natural sites to visit on foot or by canyoning. This discipline reigns supreme: in the crystal clear turquoise waters, you feel tiny in front of the splendor and immensity of the steep gorges of Verdon. Unique in Europe, the regional natural park is a grandiose site located only a few hours from Nice!

A canyoning in the Verdon gorges

Medieval villages, lakes, nature… The Verdon makes you dream. Its gorges are the largest canyon in Europe and this is a strong argument for canyoning enthusiasts. There are many exciting activities such as rafting, paragliding and climbing. A world-renowned canyoning site, the Verdon attracts every year many people in search of adrenaline… and we understand why!

Canyoning sites near Castellane

Located not far from the Alpes-Maritimes, the Pre-Alps of Castellane are separated from those of Digne by the Verdon gorges. It is here that the border between the Var and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence is marked. It is also in this preserved area that we find the most breathtaking canyoning sites of the 04! Have you ever practiced them?

Canyons that are a sight to behold

If this is not the case, we invite you to discover urgently the different canyons of the PACA region, spread out on Castellane in the 04 and on the Var part of the Verdon in the 83. Different from the canyoning sites of the 06, they present another facet of the Côte d’Azur landscapes: limestone, wild and enchanting. Canyoning enthusiasts will find breathtaking spots and something to diversify their practice. In short, only happiness…

Some pictures of Canyoning in the Alpes-Maritimes

FAQ about paragliding flights

Y a-t-il des prérequis pour pratiquer le canyonisme à Nice ?

Le canyoning vous offre la possibilité d’évoluer dans un univers aquatique naturel. Il est donc essentiel de savoir nager pour une pratique raisonnable et sécurisée. Il ne faut pas avoir peur de mettre la tête sous l’eau et se sentir suffisamment à l’aise dans cet environnement sauvage pour se laisser aller au lâcher-prise. Si vous avez le vertige ou d’autres appréhensions, laissez les moniteurs de canyoning vous rassurer et privilégiez les parcours aquatiques ludiques. Tout au long du canyoning, des échappatoires sont possibles si vous désirez contourner un saut, un toboggan ou une descente en rappel.Pour pratiquer certains sites de canyoning dans les Alpes-Maritimes, un âge minimum est requis. Ceci est à déterminer avec vos moniteurs en amont de la sortie.D’une manière générale, une bonne condition physique est requise et tout problème médical doit être signalé aux guides au moment de la réservation et de l’organisation de la journée. Quel matériel faut-il pour pratiquer le canyoning en toute sécurité ? Le canyonisme requiert un équipement spécifique que les moniteurs se chargeront de vous prêter. Il se compose d’un casque, d’une combinaison, d’un sac étanche, d’un baudrier avec des cordes et tout le matériel nécessaire aux descentes en rappel.Il ne vous reste plus qu’à chausser vos meilleures baskets (bien attachées et avec semelles crantées), enfiler votre maillot de bain et vous équiper d’une serviette.

À quoi ressemble une journée type en canyoning ?

Après avoir réservé votre sortie en groupe, vous êtes fins prêts pour faire du canyoning dans le Verdon ou les Alpes-Maritimes selon le site que vous aurez choisi. Rejoignez le point de rendez-vous fixé avec votre moniteur (soit directement au départ du canyoning, soit au départ du voyage en navette) Une fois sur le site, celui-ci vous briefera sur les règles de sécurité, les attitudes à adopter et les gestes à éviter. Après cette formalité, vous vous équipez enfin pour faire le grand saut ! Combi, casque et c’est parti… Tout ce qui suit n’est que pur bonheur, rigolade et plaisir ! Le temps que chacun et chacune se familiarise avec l’environnement et vous vous lancez pour une descente de haut vol ! Comme on dépense deux fois plus d’énergie en s’amusant, on fait quelques pauses le temps de se ressourcer, grignoter une barre de céréale ou un pique-nique et on repart jusqu’à l’arrivée. Le temps de se remémorer les temps forts, de visionner les photos et vidéos, il est déjà l’heure de se quitter des souvenirs plein la tête et le sourire aux lèvres.

Comment organiser une sortie de groupe en canyoning dans les AM ?

Vous désirez organiser une sortie en canyoning près de Grasse ou de Nice dans les Alpes-Maritimes ? Vous avez frappé à la bonne porte ! L’équipe d’Ailéments vous accompagne pas à pas jusqu’à votre entière satisfaction. Expliquez-nous vos projets et laissez-vous guider par nos conseils avisés pour organiser une sortie unique qui conviendra à tous les membres du groupe, n’ayez aucun doute là-dessus. Contactez-nous par téléphone ou par mail pour nous faire part de vos souhaits et faites-nous confiance pour la suite…

Cramassouri canyon

Léa's testimony: a canyoning on the French Riviera for Caroline's EVJF

On vacation on the French Riviera for the EVJF of my best friend Caroline, I am in charge of the organization of the activities. Getting a group of 6 girls with different desires and characters to agree was going to be difficult… however, I think I succeeded in my mission with brio! After many discussions, we leave on an activity of group rather fun but not too daredevil which would correspond potentially to all the girls of the group. I immediately think of the canyoning that I already practiced in the Verdon gorges a few years ago and that had left me very good memories. After some research on the internet, I peel back the reviews and choose to contact Ailéments. It is Tom who has the heavy responsibility to guide us in the back-country for a day which looks very very funny considering the fear of some girlfriends! On Tom’s advice, we choose a canyon near Nice at Gours du Ray which is suitable for beginners. The D-day, we join Tom, we equip ourselves and we walk a little to join the beginning of canyon. This is the opportunity for us to get to know the guide who immediately puts us at ease. The girls who make canyoning for the first time ask him thousand questions and we don’t even take the time to observe the magnificent frame which surrounds us. Once everyone is reassured, we refocus and start smoothly. The guide is patient and benevolent, he takes the time to put the less reckless in confidence. Gradually we take our marks and we begin to have really good fun. Some obstacles of the canyoning are impressive (notably the descent in abseiling of 10 meters!) but we are all launched and we take pleasure to surpass ourselves. We jump, we laugh, we slide, we shout, in short we let off steam without looking like it and it feels great!

Caroline is delighted, the girls too. We spent a great moment of sharing which welded us and Tom succeeded in the crazy challenge to fill the whole group without leaving anyone on the sidelines, congratulations for the feat! We are so happy of this day that we promise to do it again as soon as possible…

A successful family outing in the Saint-Auban gorges

With my husband and our grandchildren, we decide to organize a family day to change our minds. As we haven’t done any canyoning for a while, we decided on an intermediate route that would allow us to get our feet wet again. Following the advice of our friends, we contact the Ailéments team to organize a day for 5 in the Saint-Auban gorges, located not far from the Verdon canyons that I love so much! Barely time to put on the suit and we are already looking forward to it. The sensations provided by this timeless journey bring back good memories. We quickly regain our former self-confidence and the desire to surpass ourselves. The young people enjoy themselves as much as we do and we share with Pierrot, our guide for the day, some very nice moments of complicity. Thank you for this successful recovery!

Cascade de Saint auban

A canyoning in the gorges of the Loup to begin gently

From its birth in the town of Andon, to its mouth in Cagnes-sur-Mer, the river Loup is a must on the French Riviera. You can enjoy a quiet walk along it, the more adventurous swim in the summer and others practice canyoning…

It must be said that for a first canyoning experience in Nice, the Loup gorges are ideal. Suitable for families, this natural site located between Nice and Antibes allows everyone to become familiar with the environment. Close to the water ride, there are also nice jumps and natural slides. As the obstacles can be avoided on foot, you have the chance to customize your course by adapting it to your level. The access by road is easy because the Loup canyoning is less than an hour from Nice and only 1h15 from the Verdon gorges.

Canyonind dans le loup

For a fun and refreshing canyon direction Bès-Courmes

The departure of the canyon of Courmes is not far from Gourdon. The opportunity to visit this wonderful nestled village over the Mediterranean Sea… Plan at least 3h30 of sheer madness in the heart of a green nature which reserves you some surprises… In total immersion, the descents to the vertical follow one another, the slides, the jumps and a magnificent 65 meter waterfall ! Although vertiginous and sporty, this canyoning site of the 06 is adapted to beginners-intermediate levels: escape routes are available all along the route.

Ailéments on Instagram

Un super moment

May 24, 2022

Nous étions un groupe de 5 filles, et avons fait les gorges du Loup.

Fou rire et dépassement de soi, ce fut une excellente journée !

Un grand merci à Pierrot pour son accompagnement, sa pédagogie et sa bonne humeur.

A faire et à refaire…

Nous attendons avec hâte le montage vidéo de cette expérience.

Encore merci Pierrot pour ce moment, les filles ont adoré !

Expérience : 5/5

Qualité des équipements fournis : 5/5

Accompagnateur : 5/5


Sensations fortes garanties

April 7, 2021

Nous étions sur Grasse en vacances et nous voulions découvrir l’arrière pays alors quoi de mieux qu’une journée en canyon !!!

Nous avons porté notre choix sur les cascades de Courmes et nous n’avons pas été déçus. L’environnement est magnifique et nous avons enchainé de beaux rappels pour terminer en apothéose sur la dernière de 60m. Pierrot a été vraiment parfait pour nous accompagner sur ce parcours riche en sensations !!

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